Our Services


Interested in developing the field of agriculture, so we offer a number of works in the Company through a technical manager for clients as follow:

  • Farming tips.
  • Establish Fertilization.
  • Make Plans.
  • Feasibility studies.
  • Project management.


  • As for our responsibilities towards the company, they focus on the following full management at the agricultural supplies department.
  • And work as an agricultural technical manager and what surrounds the requirements at this work in terms of coordination with institutions in the agricultural government in particular.



The company used to regularly offer technical and other services to its customers , these include (for example) :

– Free Sample(s) for  new customers to experiment at their field .

– Following the post-application results, interpreting the results & lead fruitful dialogue with farm tech staff .

– Frequent visits to agricultural projects in Khartoum & other States to offer whatever needed advises .

–  On-Farm demonstration of products (pesticides and/or fertilizers) for educating and convincing the farm owners and farm technical staff .

–  periodical distribution of scientific concise-paper to be used & benefited by the farm tech.

On-site & on-time delivery of the goods .

–  availability of promotional materials from different suppliers .

After Sale Services



  • In Hadir International Company after sales services as follows:-
  • Delivery of goods to customers inside Khartoum
  • um and sometimes to the rest at the states.
  • We follow up on the product after adding it and its effectiveness.
  • Providing consulting services.