Touch Up NPK 10/60/10

Ingredients of NPK:

  • Nitrogen (N): is available in 10%.
  • Phosphorous (P): the basic and important element, as it is available in a ratio of 60%.
  •  Potassium (K): is available in 10%.

Features :

– Touch Up 10/60/10 is a concentrated fertilizer made of high quality materials that dissolve quickly in water.

– The product contains a high percentage of phosphorous, which helps effectively to increase flowers.

 – The product contributes to raising productivity, improving the quality and size of fruits.

– Touch Up 10/60/10 can be used in all different irrigation devices, and it does not affect the irrigation network.

– Touch Up 10/60/10 can be used in all stages of plant life; Because it contains a high percentage of organic compounds encapsulating the elements.

 – The high percentage (phosphorous) works to store energy and distribute it inside the plant.

Benefits of NPK

– Its compounds are typical and safe.

– Encouraging the growth and propagation  of the root system, which helps the plants to properly absorb water and nutrients from the soil.

– Helping to grow, and the formation of the branches that carry the crop later, as well as the formation of leaves on the branches.

– Helping to improve pollination, fertilization and contracting of flowers and fruits, thus increasing productivity, in addition to improving the qualities of the fruits.

Touch Up NPK 10/60/10