Meristem Fe-6

FUNCTION: Micronutrient supply


Meristem Fe-6 corrects iron deficiency in any type of crop, by soil application.

Iron is an essential micronutrient for the formation of chlorophyll and for oxygen transport within the plant. Iron deficiency limits plant growth and provokes chlorosis, thus preventing or inhibiting photosynthesis and causing crop yield losses.

The iron content of Meristem Fe-6 is chelated by EDDHA, forming complexes that are readily assimilated by the plant, thus preventing the iron from being immobilised, and maximising its availability to the plant. Most of the iron chelate is in the ortho-ortho position, which provides the most stable isomeric form. The chelating agent EDDHA ensures iron availability even in alkaline soils, which differentiates it from other chelating agents, and so MERISTEM Fe-6 can be used with any type of crop regardless of pH conditions and maintaining full effectiveness.

Application and dose :

Available Packages :1,5,20, kgs

Meristem Fe-6