Madram G

Ingredients of Madram G

  • Fulvic acids :9.5%
  •  Calcium:7.5%
  •  Potassium :2.5%
  • Humic acid :9.5%

Madram G :


FUNCTION: Supply for organic matter  · salinity corrector
 COMPONENTS: Fulvic acids, Calcium, Nitrogen, Potassium

MADRAM G has been developed to correct salinity in sodic and saline soils. The corrective action of MADRAM G is mainly derived from its calcium content, since this element displaces the sodium ions from the clay-humic complex, making them soluble and easily removed, and at the same time preventing calcium deficiency.

To facilitate this process, organic matter is incorporated into the composition of the product. The fulvic acids provided by MADRAM G improve soil conditions, favouring cation exchange. Thus, the mobility of nutrients is facilitated, increasing their availability to the plant.

Application and dose:

Available packages: 1 lts  5 lts  25 lts

Madram G