Dice 2.8%EC

Deltamethrin is the world’s most effective synthetic pyrethroid insecticide for use in agriculture, being photo stable. It is nonsystemic insecticide which acts by contact and ingestion, and exhibiting a broad spectrum control of chewing and sucking insects.


Decis acts on the insects by contact and ingestion. Its high lipophilicity provides a high affinity with the insect cuticle. In the insect body it affects the nerve transmission by acting on axon. It disrupts the conduction of the nervous influx by modifying the kinetics of the function of the sodium canal.

Insecticide Resistance Action Committee (IRAC) Classification No. 3 A


Remarkable knockdown effect.
Deltamethrin exhibits a good residual activity due to a range of specific physico-chemical properties:
Solubility in fatty tissues allowing a good penetration into cuticle of leaves.
Very low solubility in water giving a good rain fastness.
Very low vapor pressure and therefore a good resistance to evaporation.
Most effective synthetic pyrethroid because of single pure isomer.
Demonstrates repellent action and anti-feeding properties.
Excellent rain-fastness.

Active Ingredient: Deltamethrin 2.8% EC

available Packages : 1 ltr , 500ml

Dice 2.8%EC